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The National Trust

This part of Wales has very low  light pollution . This means dramatic skies on clear nights , ok the weather is unpredictable , but  on average 1 in 3 or 4   nights  are clear , and the result is breathtaking. We are impressed and overawed by the night skies here , especially from our secret garden .

The night sky is an amazing spectacle that 90 per cent of the population doesn't get to see," says Royal Observatory astronomer Marek Kukula. Astronomer Steve Owens agrees: "People have been looking at the night sky, telling stories, for the entirety of recorded human history. But when we moved into cities, we lost that deep connection with the universe."


The BBC’s ‘ stargazing live’ has encouraged more and more people to look skywards , you only really need a decent set of binoculars to get going , a phone app is handy for knowing what you are looking at  , but other than that , gazing in awe and wonder is the name of the game !

Nearby Penbryn has some of the best "Star Gazing" - click on the link below to view or print the National Trust's Leaflet (2 pages)

The Penbryn Stagazing Walk

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