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Follow the Countryside Code

Social and environmental sustainability are extremely important to us at Gorslwyd . We are working hard to make our business more eco-friendly, and we promote environmental good practice wherever we can. We need your help in this ! We can all reduce our impact on the environment by making  choices. As a visitor you have a very important role to play in helping us to conserve our surroundings and to become a more sustainable destination. Here are our recommended tips on how you can help preserve the things that makes Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire such special destinations:

 Conserve Energy

Please , please  switch off the lights when they are not required and close windows if the heating is on. The Energy Saving Trust (www.est.org.uk) provides information on what you can doin your own homes along these lines .

Give the car a rest

Wherever possible ... There is a great beach bus to all local beaches , and we are on a major bus route.

Support local producers

By shopping locally and choosing markets, independent retail outlets and farm instead of supermarkets, you will be helping to sustain the local economy. Not only that, but local products,usually offer excellent quality and Wales has fantastic producers of food and drink so your taste buds will benefit too. Tasting the love in something has become our favourite part of the day ! Supporting local and regional arts and crafts is important too. Please see our list of local producers.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Try to avoid overly packaged goods . Here in Wales carrier bags are charged at 5p per bag so it’s easy to say no to that extra carrier bag. We are recycling as much waste as  possible , including all types of waste food . We are very lucky here in Ceredigion that all waste food is picked up once a week and recycled, alongside the usual  paper , cardboard , cans and plastics. We take all glass to the local glass recycling centre .

Be water wise

Please use water wisely. Take simple steps like turning off the tap when brushing your teeth, and not leaving the shower running too long before you get in.

Respect nature

Our natural environment is our greatest asset here in Wales and we think this is one of the most wonderful, unspoilt corners of the country. Help us to look after the landscape and wildlife and preserve it for future generations by NOT littering, leaving dog mess for others,  starting fires or disturbing wildlife. Please stick to rights of way, and use footpaths and cycle-ways responsibly. you can view the countryside code online - www.countrysideaccess.gov.uk.

Support Green businesses

There are numerous businesses in Wales trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Many of them are mentioned elsewhere on our website , many have signed u pto the Green business scheme as we have done. Please see www.green-business.co.uk  for more details

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